Tuesday, 28 September 2010

A week off!

Dr Jr needs to learn not to tempt fate. After that post last week, the week got horrible. Lots of deaths, lots of people who spent a couple of hours going off with me at their side doing everything but achieving nothing. For another time maybe.

So, on the plus side, Dr Jr has a week off, courtesy of my good friend, the European Working Time Directive. Not only shall I use this time to visit the folks and be looked after (imagine that!), but also detach completely from medicine. Glory be eh?

So in the meantime, I suggest you listen to this monster of a tune. Musical brilliance with a video to match!


Anonymouse said...


If only older folk could do stuff like that for real! There would be no dementia, perhaps much reduced alzheimer, Parkinson's ... even cancers, heart attacks .. etc, etc!

Life style diseases! They keep on fighting smoking, alcohol, fat ... etc ... and rightly so too.

But why isn't anybody fighting 'peace and quiet?! It causes more harm than perhaps many of those physical diseases combined (IMO), yet everybody turns a blind eye, and even encourage it!!

Maybe you are the one to do something about that one day DJ ...

Perhaps it was even fate the choice of name for this blog - appreviating to DJ!

Have a nausiatingly pampered week doc, where EVERYTHING will be at 'your' peck and call! Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

you coming back?