Monday, 6 September 2010

Big momma

Does this make me look fat?
Dr Jr had a patient today who needed an MRI scan. Alas, he was too big to fit in the MRI machine. The question is, what now?

In other news, Dr Jr bought a new TV. Apparently it's the traditional thing to do with your first paypacket. I'm not complaining!


Anonymous said...

:O Oh no! what happened next?! Is there an alternative to MRI for these situatons?


Hypercryptical said...

How come you've got my photograph!

Anna :o]

Dr Jr said...

Alas B, the only alternative is to send them to the lovingly named "elephant scanners". These are basically extra large MRI scanners. They're usually very far away and picture quality is much worse (because the magnetic field isn't as strong).

In any case, the problem has since sorted itself. The leg we were trying to scan is being chopped off tomorrow. Seems like surgeons can be useful!