Thursday, 2 September 2010

Back to business

Dr Jr has been away of late. After having had most of last week off, followed by an awesome weekend karting at the British 24 Hour Kart Race, Dr Jr is back to work again this week.

This week, Dr Jr has been on an endocrine team. Although I'm getting the slightest bit peeved at never having any continuity of care, endocrine has been a good learning experience for me. Endocrine has always been one of my weak points and getting to grips with all the different forms of insulin, SIADH and pancreatic insufficiency has been a useful learning experience. What is nice is being able to get on time every day. Although my colleague who is usually on endocrine seems to never leave before 6.30, I've managed to get all the jobs done, even though we've had more patients on endocrine than at any point since I started. Maybe this is a good sign about how I'm settling in after a month of working.

We also had our first medical student to tend to this week. It's hard to think that only a few months ago I was in her position. It's very odd being the one suggesting which patients would be good to see for a change. It's got me looking forward to them arriving en masse in a few weeks time where not only can I educate them on the finer points of what you really need to know for final year, they can get excellent practice at doing TTOs. It has nothing to do with lightening my workload. Honestly. I'm being serious...

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