Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A weight off my workload

My consultant took pity on little Dr Jr today.

For the last few days, Dr Jr has been the only F1 for 30 patients spread over two wards, one of which is a CCU. The consultant decided this was somewhat taking the proverbial and decided to foist CCU on another F1 (who only had 6 patients).

Not so much anymore!
What's quite amusing is that at lunch, the surgical F1s were moaning about their workload. They have 14 patients between 2 F1s.

I still didn't leave until an hour after finishing, but at least I did a much more thorough job and was much happier with the work that I did do. I'm sure jobbing GPs across Juniorville will be very happy at the new and improved "Dr Jr's discharge letters Mk 2.0"!

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