Saturday, 19 June 2010

Good afternoon. And so it begins.

Good day people.

My name is Dr Jr (Doctor Junior) and I'm a recent graduate in the field of medicine. I decided to start this blog as for years, I've been a fan of many medical blogs from much more senior colleagues all around the world. Their observations, musings and comments have kept me on the go through the inevitable thick and thin of a medical degree, but now it's time to start my own journey, which I hope to chronicle.

Hopefully my trip from sane student to crazed, disheartened, cynical doctor will be slow and hopefully venting my spleen at the inevitable problems I encounter within myself and the system at large will help. This blog will display to all the trials and tribulations of my journey as a Dr Jr. Thanks for popping by. It will be a thrilling ride. I think. Maybe.